The Effect of Leadership Styles on Project Implementation

Author: Tamburo Michael Renzi

The goal of all leadership styles in project implementation is to transform and lead the project to success. Transformative leadership styles utilize emotional intelligence to motivate team members in a project and create a psychologically safe environment which encourages better performances during project implementation. Leadership is important for inspiration, guidance, and defining the objectives of every project. The aim of this research is to evaluate the effects of leadership style on project implementation. Through content analysis qualitative research design utilizing secondary sources, there emerges a trait that defines good leadership and how it can be leveraged for proper outcomes in project implementation and management. The study concludes that project implementation includes the engagement of teams under one or multiple leaderships. Leaders have the responsibility of engaging with human resources more than any other resource in the organization. All the phases of project implementation are vital and must be managed with dexterity and exemplary leadership performance.


Journal: Open Journal of Leadership
DOI: 10.4236/ojl.2020.94012(PDF)
Paper Id: 104629 (metadata)

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