Impact of Long-Distance Swimming “Enei” on Japanese University Students’ Grit

Authors: Hiroya Endo, Yoji Omoto, Kenryu Aoyagi, Koichiro Oka, Yoshinori Shiota

Long-distance swimming for children is recognized for its educational effect. However, there is a lack of understanding about the effects of long-distance swimming on university students. Therefore, this study conducted a questionnaire-based survey on participants of a long-distance swimming practice at a university to clarify the effects of long-distance swimming on their grit. The period of the survey is July 8-14, 2018. The survey was conducted before and after the program and the grit scores were analyzed using the Grit scale. The results showed that the grit and perseverance scores, which are subscale on the grit, were significantly higher post long-distance swimming. This suggests that university students’ grit is impacted by long-distance swimming and increased non-cognitive abilities is one of the effects of the same.


Journal: Advances in Physical Education
DOI: 10.4236/ape.2020.101001(PDF)
Paper Id: 97165 (metadata)

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