Effect of an Integrated Resistance Program Based Weightlifting Exercises on Improving Physical Performance of Young Table Elite’s Tennis Players

Author(s): Kaabi Sofiene, Souhail Hermassi, Kaabi Safa, Phillipe Passelergue

The purpose of our study was to find out the results of a training program based on the Olympic exercises (weightlifting), on the performance of strength and power in high-level table tennis players. Thirty elite table tennis players (age 18.05 ± 1.04 years) were randomly divided into a control group (CG; n = 15) and an experimental group (WRTG; n = 15). The last group followed a weightlifting training program for 6 weeks with 3 sessions per week during the competitive period. As for the control group, he pursued classical table tennis training. Before and after the 6-week training program, all players have conducted tests on sprint distance of 5 m, the vertical jump (squat jump and countermovement jump), strength hand grip, throwing medicine Ball, the 1-RM bench press and 1-RM 1/2 squat test. A slight raise in the 1-RM maximum strength of upper and lower limbs (respectively p < 0.05; 7.87 kg or 8.29% and p < 0.04; +10.7 kilograms or 17.75%) for the WRTG compared to CG this evolution was followed by an obvious changes in strength hand grip at the EG compared to CG (p < 0.01; 4.6 kg or 13.54% of development). According to the outcomes of our study, we can declare that a strength training program during three sessions per week during the competitive period, can lead to a developed strength in the maximum lower limb, the and vertical jump among the elite table tennis players. The identification such as results could be considered a reliable device for coaches and technicians concerned to develop the performance of their table tennis players.


Journal: Advances in Physical Education
DOI: 10.4236/ape.2016.64037 (PDF)
Paper Id: 71825 (metadata)

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