The Formation Mechanism of Spiral Galaxy is not a Mystery

Picture of NGC1300 rodlike spiral galaxy.
Picture of NGC1300 rodlike spiral galaxy.










On a splendid star night, when you look at the sky, facing bling bling stars, you will remember many ancient myths. The modern scientific discovery proves that the Earth where we are is in the Milky Way. In a deep universe, there are many galaxies, like Milky Way. Astro-observation finds that most of galaxies outside the Milky Way show a spiral shape, known as spiral galaxy.

On March 17, 2014, Science and Technology Daily has reported a scientific news, “the obesity or flat of the galaxy depends on the rotational speed.” The report has pointed out, “some spiral galaxies are fat and uplift, while other spiral galaxies are flat discs. The galaxy seems so different and are always been a controversial mystery. Recently, a team of international astronomers in Australia has found that this depends on their rotational speed: the spiral galaxy of rapid rotation is flat and thin, while the galaxy of slow rotation with the same size is fat and plump”. According to three-dimensional motion model of graviton in this paper, it can derive the law of galaxic thickness “h” inversely proportional to the rate of angular motion “w”, which is in accordance with the experimental phenomenon reported above.

The research finds that the data of many different observation images is in good accordance with the data of three-dimensional model. The experiment is the sole criterion for testing truth. This new theory has a big impact not only on astrophysics and cosmic evolution , but also on the construction and development of relativity theory and the whole basic physics theory and is particularly important to breaking through the difficulty in the research of graviton nature faced at present.

A research paper from American Journal of Modern Physics (Journal of Modern Physics, Vol. 5, No.17, November 2014, 1910-1930.) reports that professor Luo Pingan, a Chinese scholar, has built the physical model for motion of graviton in three-dimensional space for spiral galaxy through the theory for motion of graviton; the arithmetic solution obtained by his model is in accordance with the observation image of many galaxies.

  • Three-dimensional model agrees with the two-dimensional model previously published, which tests again that spiral arms pattern of many galaxies (not only M51) meets Archimedes spiral. The experimental data from different sources has proved the universal and correctness of physical model for motion of graviton.
  • Three-dimensional model reveals the formation mechanism for symmetric double spiral arm pattern of spiral galaxy and several different kinds of astrolabe shape. This model is not only simple and has a clear physical significance, but also the fitting precision between the distribution rule of spiral arm revealed by the model and galaxy image is far above that revealed by the exponential model, what is said in the current popular theory.
  • Under the condition of using dynamic restriction, three-dimensional model naturally obtains that astrolabe is an image with the structure of thin disc. And then, three-dimensional model also obtains such rule as astrolabe thickness “h” is inversely proportional to the square foot of the distance from the center of galaxy “rxy”. It is in accordance with the observation image of actual edge-on galaxy. Compared with exponential variation law in the current popular theory, three-dimensional model is featured with simple and clear physical mechanism and higher fitting precision for edge shape.
  • The model for motion trail of graviton in the three-dimensional space combines with the dynamic constraint conditions. Under the special conditions of astrolabe plane (at this time, it can change to two-dimensional model), the motion law of celestial body in the spiral arm is in accordance with the famous Kepler’s law. This also shows that Kepler’s law not only applies to solar system, but also applies to the celestial body in the spiral arm structure.
  • Three-dimensional theoretical model also gives quantitative relation between the astrolabe thickness and angular velocity of galaxic equivalent rotation, which is in accordance with the observation rule mentioned in the recent news report.

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Issue number of the journal: Journal of Modern Physics, Vol. 5, No.17, November 2014,1910-1930

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