Numerical Simulation of Modified Kortweg-de Vries Equation by Linearized Implicit Schemes

Authors: M. S. Ismail, Fakhirah Alotaibi

In this paper, we are going to derive four numerical methods for solving the Modified Kortweg-de Vries (MKdV) equation using fourth Pade approximation for space direction and Crank Nicolson in the time direction. Two nonlinear schemes and two linearized schemes are presented. All resulting schemes will be analyzed for accuracy and stability. The exact solution and the conserved quantities are used to highlight the efficiency and the robustness of the proposed schemes. Interaction of two and three solitons will be also conducted. The numerical results show that the interaction behavior is elastic and the conserved quantities are conserved exactly, and this is a good indication of the reliability of the schemes which we derived. A comparison with some existing is presented as well.


Journal: Applied Mathematics
DOI: 10.4236/am.2020.1111077(PDF)
Paper Id: 104151


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