Knowledge about HIV and AIDS among Young Women

Author(s):Catherine M. Ngoma, Janetta Roos, Seter Siziya

HIV and AIDS are a major health concern among women worldwide. It is important that women especially youths are educated about HIV and AIDS because they represent a window of opportunity for reversing HIV rates if effective prevention programs can reach them before they engage in risky sexual behaviour. Women are more vulnerable to HIV infection than men and play a central role in the concept of the family, in nurturing, protecting, and caring for the family. The aim of the study was to explore HIV and AIDS knowledge among young women. A qualitative exploratory approach using focus group discussions was used and content analysis was used to interpret the data. A total of 8 focus group discussions were conducted two study sites intervention and control site. The analysis revealed 6 themes namely definition of HIV and AIDS, seriousness of HIV and AIDS in the community, signs and symptoms, transmission of HIV, cure for HIV and AIDS and prevention. The findings showed that some participants had knowledge deficit on HIV and AIDS, therefore continued community sensitisation is essential.


Journal: Open Journal of Nursing
DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2015.56059 (PDF)
Paper Id: 57650 (metadata)

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