Update on Gastric Cancer Epidemiology and Risk Factors

Authors: Nada Lahmidani, Mounia El Yousf, Nourdine Aqodad,
Dafr Allah Benajah, Mohammed El Abkari, Adil Ibrahimi, Adil Najdi,
Zineb Benbrahim, Naoufal Mellas

Gastric adenocarcinoma is the most common gastric tumor. It is the fifth most common cancer worldwide after lung cancer, breast, colo rectal and prostate cancer. Long considered enigmatic, its epidemiology has changed over time. In fact, the incidence of distal gastric cancer has declined while that of the cardia was stable or increased. This cancer is multifactorial but reducing the incidence of distal cancer is particularly attributed to advances in the treatment of H. pylori infection. In this review, we analyzed the available data concerning the changing epidemiology of gastric cancer and the main risk factors. The incidence of distal cancer is definitely declining due to the control of Helicobacter pylori infection. Proximal gastric cancer and cardia cancer is particularly due to smoking, overweight.


Journal: Journal of Cancer Therapy
DOI: 10.4236/jct.2018.93021 (PDF)
Paper Id: 83009 (metadata)

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