Solitons: A Cutting-Edge Scientific Proposal Explaining the Mechanisms of Acupuntural Action

Author: Adrián Ángel Inchauspe

The Theory of Morphic Fields explains how co-evolution through collective information fields acquires its own organization pattern, nurtured by habits or thoughts that “in-form” the memory of species. The influences of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on bio-energy transport and its mechanism of changes has been investigated through analytic and numerical simulation as well as experimentation. As an answer to that need Therapeutic Acupunctural Resonance is born. This innovative therapeutic is rooted in concepts from classic Physics as well as Field Quantic Theory—highlighting the practical application of the criterion defined by the Soliton theory and the current, extraordinary discoveries at Cellular Quantic Kinetics level. The development of Therapeutic Acupuntural Resonance has taken into account to a certain extent these concepts: both the compatibility between the Five Element Theory and the principles of Euclidean Geometry, as well as the new forms of interpretation of Quantum mechanisms involved in Cellular Kinetics and its relationship with Chinese Ancient wisdom.


Journal: Chinese Medicine

DOI: 10.4236/cm.2018.91002 (PDF)
Paper Id: 82952 (metadata)

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