Comparative Study on Tribological Behavior of Graphene/Polyimide and Carbon Fibers/Polyimide Composites: A Review

Authors: Niyobuhungiro Daniel, Hong Liu

Recently, graphene and carbon fibers have enticed extensive consideration in many scientific fields, they are considered by many scientists to be one of the most promising materials in the 21st century. Due to the uniqueness of their properties was attracted to be used to reinforce polyimide. Impressive graphene properties coupled with those excellent of polyimide composites produced composites materials with good tribological properties, different contents of graphene and its derivatives tend to improve polyimide composites properties particularly friction and wear. Furthermore, nanofillers decorated graphene derivatives showed also an effect on the tribological properties of composites. Carbon fibers coupled with polyimide composites also reviewed and showed a significance in the improvement of the properties of composites materials. The results nanofillers reinforced carbon fibers/polyimide exhibit enhanced tribological properties, which can be applied in various fields. Therefore, this survey article gives an enormous review study of the tribological properties under various conditions of graphene/polyimide and car- bon fibers/polyimide composites. Besides the effects of nanofillers size on tribological properties, preparation, and research challenges were also reviewed.


Journal: World Journal of Engineering and Technology
DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2021.91003(PDF)
Paper Id: 105866 (metadata)

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