Importance Ranking of Accident Factors of Construction Tower Crane by AHP Technique

Authors: Ju-Yong Kim, Gwawng-Hee Kim

In Korea construction industry, the increase of tower crane’s usage continuously and the accidents of tower crane are increasing simultaneously. But research on tower crane is insufficient for reducing the tower crane accident. This study aims to derive the importance ranking of accident factors of cab-control tower crane by AHP analysis. AHP survey was conducted on experts such as construction engineer, construction manager, safety engineer, and tower crane operator, who have more than 10-year career. The results of AHP analysis reveal that top ranking factor of cab-control tower crane’s accident is erection work. Therefore, the derived factors should be managed, and the priority measures taken for reducing the tower crane accidents according to the ranking of accident factors.


Journal: Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research
DOI: 10.4236/jbcpr.2020.84015

Paper Id: 104673 (metadata)

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