Analysis of the Relationship between the Number of Traffic Accidents and the Traffic Flow & Section Location in Extra Long Tunnel

Authors: Zhaoyou Ma, Shouen Fang, Shuo Liu, Bowen Cai

In order to study the influence of the traffic characteristics on traffic accidents in extra long tunnel, the main measurement indicators of traffic flow during the time of traffic accidents are matched with the accident information to form a data set of the number of traffic accidents and the hourly traffic flow of the accident. Vehicle ratio and the number of accidents are mainly used as the characteristic indicators of traffic flow. At the same time, the longitudinal distribution law of the average speed of traffic flow and the number of traffic accidents in the extra long tunnel is studied. Based on the superposition principle, the extra long tunnel is divided into 5 traffic safety zones. This paper analyzes the distribution of time, morphology, cause of accident, and other characteristics in different traffic safety zones, finding that the shape of traffic accidents in extra long tunnel is mainly rear-end collisions. Improper operation and illegal lane changes are the main causes of accidents.


Journal: Engineering

DOI: 10.4236/eng.2020.122007 (PDF)
Paper Id: 98117 (metadata)

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