Study and Analysis of Obstacles and Challenges Facing Ship-Repair Industry in Iran

Authors: Reza Bozorgpour, Behrouz Omaraee, Mohsen Vaez Zadeh Asadi

Nowadays, shipping industry which is the backbone of economic development has affiliated to ship maintenance and repair industry. This industry provides technical maintenance services to ships in a way to enable them to meet the requirements and regulations of the International Maritime Organization and maintaining the vessels at high technical standard & continual seaworthiness condition. Maintaining the minimum requirement of classification societies on the ships is solely taken place with repairs. The research method is an applied study in sake of aim and a descriptive study in sake of nature. This research has been conducted to examine causes and factors contributed to failures repairing in dry docks in the country; using the obtained results, an approach has been presented to reduce obstacles existing in country and reach to standard international levels. The problems include lack of suitable strategy, lack of government support, governmental facet of the structure of this sector, cumbersome laws, customs problems, lack of specialized workshops, low levels of technology and lack of new technology etc. Thus, by taking amendment to the cumbersome rules, taking advantage of industry and modern technology experts, increasing productivity and competitiveness, centralizing active domestic and foreign workshops at private sector, facilitating timely supply of parts and accessories, using research and development sector, increasing quality, reducing costs and repair time, selecting secure industrial- trade partner and etc. can pave the way in this context.


Journal: Open Journal of Marine Science

DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2017.74034 (PDF)
Paper Id: 79523 (metadata)

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