Ant Species Richness Variation Mediated by Seasonality in Two Ant-Acacias from Oaxaca, Mexico

Authors: Sandra Luz Gómez-Acevedo, Javier Martínez-Toledo

Climatic conditions affect the richness of ants resulting in number variation throughout the year. The ants present in the Neotropical system Acacia-Pseudomyrmex have been previously studied considering only one sampling season. In contrast, in this study we analyze the richness in two ant-acacia systems during the rainy and dry seasons. The study was carried out on a plot located in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico where 14 ant species, 3 mutualistic and 11 non-mutualistic were found, of which 2 represent new records for the state. Ant species number differed between ant-acacia species and between seasons. The highest richness was recorded in Acacia hindsii in both rainy and dry seasons, corresponding with a low-reward host. During the dry season, A. hindsii represents a highly valuable resource. This study shows that the neotropical system is much more dynamic than it has been previously considered and offers a valuable opportunity for subsequent ecological studies for a better understanding of this complex system.


Journal: Open Journal of Ecology
DOI: 10.4236/oje.2021.111002(PDF)
Paper Id: 106370 (metadata)

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