Risk Assessment of Mediterranean Sea Waters on Cooling System of Nuclear Power Plant

Authors: M. S. Tawfik, F. S. Tawfik

The study evaluated the impacts such as corrosion and scale formation which may result from, using the once-through pass cooling system of a suggested nuclear power at different selected coastal regions of Alexandria coast. (Abu-Qir, Sidi Kerrir, Estern Harbour, El Max and Sidi Abd Elrhaman). The study had used The Langelier Saturation Index (LSI), which is a measure of a solution’s ability to dissolve or deposit calcium carbonate, which is often used as an indicator of the corrosivity of water. Like the Langelier saturation index, the Ryznar stability index (RSI) is also used to predicate the formation of scale and also the tendency for corrosion due to the concentration of calcium carbonate in the selected water system. Both of the two indexes ((LSI) and (RSI)) had been used to evaluate the internal environmental impact which may be occurred when used once-through pass system is as a cooling method of a coastal pressurized water reactor power plant. The study results showed that the calculated LSI and RSI values for selected regions indicated that, there was a low tendency for scale formation and possibility of corrosion at these selected study areas, so using nickel copper alloys in condenser is recommended to prevent any possibility of attack of corrosion besides the using of chemical treatment method of inlet cooling water system.


Journal: Journal of Environmental Protection
DOI: 10.4236/jep.2019.106044(PDF)
Paper Id: 93037 (metadata)

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