Stability Assessment of Open Stope under Overlaying Mined-Out Regions at Modi Taung Gold Mine, Myanmar

Authors: Naung Naung, Takashi Sasaoka, Hideki Shimada, Akihiro Hamanaka,
Sugeng Wahyudi, Mao Pisith

Stability assessment is one of the most important issues in mining ground control. Mine development and/or production instability can cause production delay, loss of reserves, as well as injury to miners. Within the scope of this study, a series of open stope’s instability under the influence of overlaying mined-out regions were carried out with different mining scenarios at Modi Taung gold mine which is operated by National Prosperity Gold Production Group Limited (NPGPGL) in Myanmar. NPGPGL has been developing stopes up to 150 m from the surface at Shwesin vein system, and the mining activities are going to continue to deeper levels to fulfill the ore mineral supply. Creating a new stope opening under overlaying mined-out regions is not easy considering the instability of mined-out regions can affect the stope. The instability of new stope opening is not only due to its own induced stress but also the strong influence by the mined-out regions situated on upper part of the stope. Therefore, the understandings of ground behaviors and failure mechanisms of new stope opening due to the influence of overlaying mined-out regions are paramount to be studied. This paper describes in detail the strength factor and failure zones under the overlaying mined-out regions with different mine conditions by using numerical simulations, 3D finite difference software (FLAC 3D).


Journal: International Journal of Geosciences
DOI: ijg.2018.99032 (PDF)
Paper Id: 87538 (metadata)

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