Characterization of Coal Spoil Recovered from Coal Mine Drainage Water

Authors: Aninda Nafis Ahmed, Md. Anwar Arfien Khan, Madhu Sudan Saha,
Sharmin Sultana

Barapukuria Coal Mine situated in the district Dinajpur. Bangladesh is playing an important role in the economy of this country by the mining of top quality coal. With coal mining, mine waste is also generated called coal spoil. Coal spoil can impose environmental threat if not treated carefully. In contrast, it can also be converted to value added product. In the present work, coal spoils collected from Barapukuria coal mine drainage water were investigated to determine the quality of the samples by physico-chemical analysis (proximate and ultimate analysis) as well as by heating value determination. 50% of carbon was detected in the samples after elemental analysis, with sulfur content less than 0.4%. Calorific value around 9300 btu/lb was obtained for the coal spoil. Moreover, moisture content, ash, volatile matter content and fixed carbon also provided fruitful information regarding the quality and economic prospect of the samples in comparison to the quality of Barapukuria coal.


Journal: Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection
DOI: 10.4236/gep.2017.511015 (PDF)
Paper Id: 80573 (metadata)

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