Mathematical Modeling of the Influence of the Wind Field Structure in the Atmosphere on the Cloud Formation Processes

Authors: Boris A. Ashabokov, Lyudmila M. Fedchenko, Alexander V. Shapovalov, Khazhbara M. Kalov, Ruslan Kh. Kalov, Alla A. Tashilova, Vitaly A. Shapovalov

The state of the physics of convective clouds and cloud seeding is discussed briefly. It is noted that at the present time there is a transition from the stage of investigation of “elementary” processes in the clouds to the stage of studying the formation of macro- and microstructural characteristics of clouds as a whole, taking into account their system properties. The main directions of the development of cloud physics at the upcoming stage of its development are discussed. The paper points out that one of these areas is the determination of the structure-forming factors for the clouds and the study of their influence on their formation and evolution. It is noted that one of such factors is the interaction of clouds with their surrounding atmosphere, and the main method of studying its role in the processes of cloud formation is mathematical modeling. A three-dimensional nonstationary model of convective clouds is presented with a detailed account of the processes of thermohydrodynamics and microphysics, which is used for research. The results of modeling the influence of the wind field structure in the atmosphere on the formation and evolution of clouds are presented. It is shown that the dynamic characteristics of the atmosphere have a significant effect on the formation of macro- and microstructural characteristics of convective clouds: the more complex the structure of the wind field in the atmosphere (i.e., the more intense the interaction of the atmosphere and the cloud), the less powerful the clouds are formed.


Journal: Atmospheric and Climate Sciences
DOI: 10.4236/acs.2018.81006 (PDF)
Paper Id: 81798 (metadata)

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