A New Energy-Efficient and Reliable Protocol for Stochastic WSNs Based on Back-Pressure and Entropy of Residual Energy

Authors: Mohammed Almazaideh, Janos Levendovszky

In this paper, a new energy-efficient and reliable routing protocol is introduced for WSNs including a stochastic traffic generation model and a wakeup/sleep mechanism. Our objective is to improve the longevity of the WSNs by energy balancing but providing reliable packet transfer to the Base Station at the same time. The proposed protocol is based on the principle of the back-pressure method and besides the difference of backlogs, in order to optimize energy consumption, we use a cost function related to an entropy like function defined over the residual energies of the nodes. In the case of two-hop routing the optimal relay node is selected as the one which has maximum backlog difference and keeps the distribution of residual energy as close to uniform as possible where the uniformity is measured by the change of the entropy of the residual energy of the nodes. The protocol assumes Rayleigh fading model. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm significantly improves the performance of traditional back-pressure protocol with respect to energy efficiency, E2E delay and throughput, respectively.


Journal: Journal of Computer and Communications
DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2020.811001(PDF)
Paper Id: 103941 (metadata)

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