Structuring an Ontology for Mathematical Modelling Wastewater Flow through Porous Media

Author: Stephanos D. V. Giakoumatos

Single or multi-layer infiltration rate models describe water penetration into soil porous zone at a variety of comparable complexity levels. Commonly, those models are indicating a route leading from general to more specific case depending on the mathematical structure and the simulated ongoing phenomenon. For the purpose of wastewater flow quantification through porous media, an algorithmic procedure was developed which includes certain interconnected activity stages and decision nodes. Furthermore, a schematic cross shaped representation of the infiltration rate models’ ontology is presented within a route, leading from general to more specific models and evaluation criteria are introduced to determine highest ranking and thus the best model amid those placed on the horizontal axis of the cross shaped scheme, via a simple Multi-Criteria Analysis Decision Making.


Journal: Intelligent Information Management
DOI: 10.4236/iim.2021.132008(PDF)
Paper Id: 107999 (metadata)

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