Effective Trace Acquirement during Product Information Diffusion and Application

Authors: Xuehua Sun, Jianjun Wang, Guozhang Xu, Hongwei Gao, Liping Ma

Information dissemination has become part of people’s daily communication and there is great interest for both academic and industrial communities. Most previous studies have focused on the strategy and mechanisms. The methods controlling the process of information diffusion have rarely been studied. Thus, previous studies have failed to effectively mine the value of product information diffusion on social networks. In this study, based on the information diffusion product in consumer self-organized social networks, the control of the product information diffusion process was explored. The node identification principle of the QR code sender designed in this study and the linked list that associated information with specific nodes allowed the acquisition of effective traces in long-chain transmission from the information source to the value nodes, and solved user information disclosure during the transmission process. This method was applied to the tracing system of defective vehicles, achieving accurate recall of defective vehicles.


Journal: Intelligent Information Management
DOI: 10.4236/iim.2020.123008(PDF)
Paper Id: 99964 (metadata)

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