Smart Agriculture with an Automated IoT-Based Greenhouse System for Local Communities

Authors: Nianpu Li, Yimeng Xiao, Lei Shen, Zhuoyue Xu, Botao Li, Chongxuan Yin

Nowadays, smart agriculture using wireless communication is replacing the wired system which was difficult to install and manage. Then, this paper introduces a new design for IoT application on the greenhouse, which utilizes different technologies to present a new model for practical implementation in the IoT concept. This design can settle a new method to solve problems in Market Demand, Precision in Operation and supervision. Furthermore, this design can be used in many cases and assist farmers, cropper and planted people to develop their business.


Journal: Advances in Internet of Things
DOI: 10.4236/ait.2019.92002(PDF)
Paper Id: 92183 (metadata)

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