Magnetic Levitation of Diamond Modified with Manganese and Bismuth

Authors: Takahisa Yamazaki, Amane Muraoka

Operating diamond grits to produce a precise grind tool is need. In order to lift up a diamond grit by magnetic force, the magnetic flux was estimated to be 100 μT/g. Diamond (110) surface was modified with manganese powder at 450°C (720 K) then with bismuth powder at 270°C (540 K) due to its low melting temperature. Manganese carbides were formed on the diamond surface which was confirmed by an X-ray diffraction. A magnet that exhibits ferrimagnetism was formed on the surface, it had a spontaneous magnetism. We conducted to form six small disk magnets at hexagonal apex positions on the diamond (110) by using gold film mask. The magnetic flux measured at the center of the hexagon magnets on was 232 μT at room temperature, and the surface modified diamond grid could be lifted up in the magnetic field between two solenoid coils.


Journal: Materials Sciences and Applications
DOI: 10.4236/msa.2021.121005(PDF)
Paper Id: 106680 (metadata)

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