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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics

Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Inference for the Monty Hall Problem

Author(s):Jennifer L. Wang, Tina Tran, Fisseha Abebe ABSTRACT We devise an approach to Bayesian statistics and their applications in the analysis of the Monty Hall problem. We combine knowledge gained through applications of the Maximum Entropy Principle and Nash equilibrium … Continue reading

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Application of High-Frequency Gravitational Waves to the Cataclysmic Event of Our First Encounter with Intelligent Extraterrestrial Beings

Author(s): Robert M. L. Baker, Bonnie Sue Baker ABSTRACT Three advances are proposed as a pathway to the cataclysmic event of our first encounter with intelligent extraterrestrial beings. First, discovery of very large numbers of extraterrestrial planets, “exoplanets” (possibly as … Continue reading

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Preliminary Results of Solar Flare Induced D-Region Perturbations over UKM Using Stanford AWESOME Receiver

Author(s): Mohd Masri Abd Rashid, Mahamod Ismail, Zamri Zainal Abidin ABSTRACT We present the preliminary results of VLF signal perturbations produced due to solar flare. The data were recorded by the Stanford VLF AWESOME receiver located at National University of … Continue reading

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