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Examination of Treatment Methods for a PEDOT:PSS Transparent Conductive Film Produced Using an Inkjet Method

Authors: Atsushi Nitta, Yuki Imamura, Kazuya Kawahara, Kazuhiro Takeda ABSTRACT Flexible devices manufactured using printed electronics have attracted the attention of many researchers. A high-performance transparent conductive film exhibiting high flexibility and elasticity is expected to be developed because of … Continue reading

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Evaluation of Standards and Interfering Compounds in the Determination of Phenolics by Folin-Ciocalteu Assay Method for Effective Bioprocessing of Biomass

Authors: Krishna Prasad Bastola, Yadhu Nath Guragain, Vamsi Bhadriraju, Praveen Venkata Vadlani ABSTRACT Folin Ciocalteu (F-C) assay is the most widely used and convenient method to determine the total phenolics content in foods, herbs, and other plant extracts. Different phenolics … Continue reading

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Articles Archive Indexing Aims & Scope Editorial Board For Authors Publication Fees MSA> Vol.8 No.6, June 2017 1 Open Access The Thermal Decomposition of Ammonium Perchlorate-Aluminum Propellants in Presence of Metallic Zinc Particles

Authors: Mónica Rodríguez-Pesina, Jorge García-Domínguez, Felipe García-Hernández, Luisa Maria Flores-Vélez, Octavio Domínguez ABSTRACT The thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate (AP) with Al and Zn metallic particles was studied at different heating rates in dry air atmosphere and the combustion behavior … Continue reading

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