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Open Journal of Biophysics

A Bioelectromagnetic Proposal Approaching the Complex Challenges of COVID-19

Author: Andras Szasz ABSTRACT The COVID-19 pandemic has experienced unprecedented limitations and extraordinary scientific efforts to address this exceptional situation. Despite blanket closures that have resulted in significant financial constraints and losses around the world, research has an “unlimited” budget, … Continue reading

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Noises and Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Nanosize EIS and ISFET Biosensors

Authors: Lusine Gasparyan, Ilya Mazo, Vahan Simonyan, Ferdinand Gasparyan ABSTRACT The results of comparative theoretical analyzes of the behavior of internal low-frequency noises, signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity to DNA molecules for EIS and ISFET based nanosize biosensors are presented. It … Continue reading

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