Running to Fat? Is Impotent a Way Out?

You are not alone! Do not accuse yourself. Obesity presents one of the biggest and catastrophically growing problems in the world’s health. Over 300,000 excess adult deaths in the US each year are related to obesity. The proper danger of obesity is forced by its close association with a many harm illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, stroke, cancer, liver disease, gout, and disease of the joints. What is more, the long existing belief of nutritive origin of the disease became bankrupt. The problem appears extraordinary complicated. However, researchers do not give up hope.

In Sergey N. Rumyantsev research review from Department of Evolutionary Immunology at Andent Inc, USA published in Open Journal of Genetics, 2011, 1, 1-8 by Scientific Research Publishing.  In contrast to the bankrupted belief of overeating origin of obesity, his team revealed a lot of evidences that obesity is not caused by FastFood. The cause is hided inside of the genome of any afflicted body. The development of obesity is induced by either hereditary or post-infectious incongruence between the regulators of fat metabolism and their receptors. The pandemic spread of obesity is also forced by genetic admixture between ethnoses, those regulator-receptor evolution has processed at different epidemic conditions. The current pandemic obesity may be substantially restricted by prospective elaboration of relevant vaccines against obesogenic infectious agents as well as by the measures of genetic hygiene, for instance, by the refusal of interethnic crossbreeding. These new notions provide the framework and new landmarks for the location of genomic roots of the origin of obesity and should induce the appearance of new research ideas and proposals for obesity prevention and therapy. Beside, here remains fare much to be learned about this extraordinarily unique and extremely complex disease.

Source: Xenogamy and Current Obesity Pandemics; Open Journal of Genetics; Sergey N. Rumyantsev; DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2011.11001.

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