Coronary Flow Reserve Assessment of Orbital Atherectomy: An Observational Pilot Study

Authors: Nabil Dib, Brad J. Martinsen, Bynthia M. Anose, John McB. Hodgson,
Robert Kohler, Georges Nseir, Nathalie R. Antonios, Richard Shlofmitz,
Jeffrey W. Chambers

The aim of this prospective observational pilot study was to observe the impact of orbital atherectomy (OA) on the coronary microcirculation via coronary flow reserve (CFR) measurements. Fifteen subjects who had successful OA and stent placement with no procedural complication were enrolled at 3 hospitals in the U.S. Baseline and hyperemic velocities were 16 ± 5.2 and 36 ± 14 cm/sec, respectively. The average CFR post-procedure was within the normal range at 2.23 ± 0.33. The observation of normal CFR following OA may be attributed to the orbital action of the device that allows for continuous flow during treatment, minimizing a bolus embolization effect which can impact microvascular function.


Journal: Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering

DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2019.124019(PDF)
Paper Id: 92106 (metadata)

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