Taking Fish Oil? Think Again

2013 was a very bad year for fish oil with 3 horrific failures. The world’s leading medical journals published their failures but too few patients were made aware.  First, fish oil’s monumental failure to help heart disease as published in The New England Journal of Medicine caused editor-in-chief of Medscape and the heart.org, cardiologist Eric Topol, MD, stated I implore them [patients] to stop taking it [fish oil] because there was “No benefit of fish oil in high risk patients.”  Next, the SELECT Trial published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, confirmed previous devastating results showing fish oil increases prostate cancer risk in men, even greater than harmful transfats cause. Fish oil failed to stop macular degeneration even in patients with low DHA (Journal of the American Medical Association). In 2010, fish oil failed to help Alzheimer’s victims; even those with low DHA (Journal of the American Medical Association). These failures are routine.

In spite of these failures, fish oil has become the #1 supplement in America, and the world follows America’s medical recommendations. If you are taking fish oil or any marine oil you need to know that fish oil becomes rancid and spoils automatically at room temperature. Specifically, fish oil is whopping 320Xs more prone to spoiling than olive oil, and no amount of antioxidants stop it. You can only imagine how much worse it is at body temperature —you should be terrified.

In a misguided effort to help solve America’s health problems, fish oil was imagined to be our savior, but the science is severely lacking. Of the 15,000 studies of fish oil, the majority fail and the so-called successes are from studies so poorly conducted that in the failed heart study referenced by Dr. Topol, of their 1007 articles retrieved, only 14 met the criteria of randomization, double-blindness, and placebo-controlled—and failure was absolutely proclaimed. Clearly, an enormous number of poorly conducted studies in the journals have conclusions that can’t be relied on and are misleading physicians worldwide.

Think about it …why should a human being suffer a fish oil deficiency and require a substance fish forced to live in frigid water require. We don’t. “Select Trial Results Examined: Why Fish Oil, DHA, and “Oily Fish” Are Inflammatory, Leading to Increases in Prostate Cancer, Epithelial Cancers, and CVD” explains why fish oil’s failure is not a surprise.

Full journal article here:SELECT Trial Results Examined: Why Fish Oil, DHA and “Oily Fish” Are Inflammatory, Leading to Increases in Prostate Cancer, Epithelial Cancers and CVD. (In Brian Scott Peskin’s research published in Food and Nutrition Sciences, Vol.4 No.11(2013), by Scientific Research Publishing)

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