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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Workplace Health Promotion Programs from 2000 to 2020: Literature Review

Authors: Siguero María-Ángeles, Jerónimo Maqueda, Marqués Francisco, Sagües María-Jesús, Solé María-Dolores ABSTRACT Introduction. Recognition of best practices in workplace health promotion is an important task that significantly affects the expansion of those programs. Once the program has been developed, its … Continue reading

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Trend Analysis of Large-Scale Twitter Data Based on Witnesses during a Hazardous Event: A Case Study on California Wildfire Evacuation

Authors: Syed A. Morshed, Khandakar Mamun Ahmed, Kamar Amine, Kazi Ashraf Moinuddin ABSTRACT Social media data created a paradigm shift in assessing situational awareness during a natural disaster or emergencies such as wildfire, hurricane, tropical storm etc. Twitter as an … Continue reading

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Community Characteristics Analysis of Eukaryotic Microplankton via ITS Gene Metabarcoding Based on Environmental DNA in Lower Reaches of Qiantang River, China

Authors: Aiju Zhang, Jun Wang, Yabin Hao, Shanshi Xiao, Wei Luo, Ganxiang Wang, Zhiming Zhou ABSTRACT Eukaryotic microplankton plays an important role in water biotic community and in maintaining the stability of water ecosystems. Environmental DNA metabarcoding provides the opportunity … Continue reading

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Study on Helium Bubble Coalescence in Titanium with Dislocations

Authors: Baoling Zhang, Xue Su, Chongyang Li, Junwei Zhang ABSTRACT Dislocation and grain boundary have great influence on helium behavior in materials. In this paper, the helium bubble coalescence in titanium with dislocations was simulated using molecular dynamics method. The … Continue reading

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