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Piezometric Behavior in the Amazonian Lateritic Plateaus: Implications of Climate Changes to the Recharge of the Alter do Chão Aquifer System

Authors: Júlio Henrichs de Azevedo, José Eloi Guimarães Campos, André Walczuk Gomes ABSTRACT Potentiometric and pluviometric datasets were evaluated to understand the behavior of aquifer recharge in the bauxite plateaus in the Porto Trombetas region, Pará, Northern Brazil. The datasets … Continue reading

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Using a Wavelet-Based and Fine-Tuned Convolutional Neural Network for Classification of Breast Density in Mammographic Images

Authors: Eri Matsuyama, Megumi Takehara, Du-Yih Tsai ABSTRACT Classification of breast density is significantly important during the process of breast diagnosis. The purpose of this study was to develop a useful computer-ized tool to help radiologists determine the patient’s breast … Continue reading

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Structural Behavior of Long Span Overhead Sign Support Bridges

Author: Ishtiaque Ahmed Tuhin ABSTRACT Overhead sign-support bridges that allow displaying necessary information for travelers across the multiple lanes in highways often use large message sign panels: static message sign (SMS) panels or dynamic message sign (DMS) panels. Along with … Continue reading

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Mother Labor Participation and Family Education Investment Behavior: An Empirical Study Based on the 2010 Chinese Family Panel Studies (CFPS)

Author: Baokun Dan ABSTRACT Parents are the bearers and investors of their children’s education expenditures. It is important to discuss the impact of mothers’ labor participation on the educational investment behavior of families. Actually. This paper uses the 2010 Chinese … Continue reading

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