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Childhood Hearing Impairment, Gender, and Trait Neuroticism as Independent Predictors of the Occurrence of Hearing Problems in Adulthood

30Authors: Helen Cheng, Adrian Furnham ABSTRACT This study explored psychological, biomedical, and social factors in childhood and adulthood associated with the occurrence of self-reported hearing problems in adulthood. In total, 4828 participants with complete data on parental social class at … Continue reading

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A Scientific and Economic View on Collaboration, Balancing vs. Sharing

Authors: Masayuki Matsui, Tetsuo Yamada, Masato Takanokura ABSTRACT There is a class of artifacts bodies and their science, also known as 3M & I-bodies in 2008, which consist of human, material/machine, monetary and informational components. For multi-body systems, the paper … Continue reading

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Impact of Rapid Urbanization and Changing Housing Patterns on Urban Open Public Spaces of Amman, Jordan: A GIS and RS Perspective

Authors: Yahya Farhan, Sireen Al-Shawamreh ABSTRACT Rapid urbanization and population growth of the Amman Area were combined with land resource degradation when the city was heading for mounting urbanization from the early 1950s. The deterioration of natural resources and green … Continue reading

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