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Time of Conception and Birth-Relation of “Big Killers” Patients and Longevity

Author(s):Eliyahu Stoupel, Abdonas Tamoshiunas, Richardas Radishauskas, Gailute Bernotiene, Abid Assali, Hanna Vaknin, Igal Teplitzki, Ran Kornowski, Evgeny Abramson, Eyal Fenig ABSTRACT In recent years some interrelationships between time of birth and longevity were published. Concomitant publications appeared demonstrating links between … Continue reading

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2015 Pharmacoeconomics Conference (PEC 2015)

2015 Pharmacoeconomics Conference (PEC 2015) will be held on May 24-26, 2015 in Beijing, China. This Conference will cover issues on Pharmacoeconomics. It dedicates to creating a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods. … Continue reading

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Does the Metacognitive Attitude Predict Work Motivation in Italian Teachers?

Author(s):Paola Magnano, Giuseppe Santisi, Tiziana Ramaci ABSTRACT Motivation to teach is a complex construct; often it is not observed directly but rather inferred from the teachers’ behavioural indexes, such as verbalisations, task choices and goal-directed activities. It is related to … Continue reading

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Post Abortion Women’s Perceptions of Utilizing Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods in Uganda. A Qualitative Study

Author(s):Othman Kakaire, Janet Nakiggude, John C. Lule, Josaphat K. Byamugisha ABSTRACT Background: About one-third of all pregnancies that occur in low income countries are unintended. An estimated 1.2 million unwanted pregnancies occur in Uganda annually. The majority of the unwanted … Continue reading

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Sexism in News: A Comparative Study on the Portray of Female and Male Politicians in The New York Times

Author(s):Haoyun Dai, Xiaodong Xu ABSTRACT Adopting a comparative and descriptive case study of The New York Times , this paper aims to probe into the gender discrimination against female politicians in the news media. The New York Times , one … Continue reading

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Applying Empirical Methods to Assess the Internal Stability of Embankment Dam Cores of Glacial Till

Author(s):Hans Rönnqvist, Peter Viklander ABSTRACT This paper presents a database of glacial till gradations that are compiled from laboratory internal stability tests from the literature and from core soils of existing dams, some of which have experienced internal erosion. The … Continue reading

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Disequilibrium Pricing—Greek Euro Crisis

Author:Frederick Betz ABSTRACT Financial instability in Greece began in 2009 when the interest rates on Greek sovereign bonds surged; and this can be graphed in a “price disequilibrium” model. To explain how this came about, we create a systems-dynamics model … Continue reading

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