On the Euphemistic Insinuation of the Historical Reality of America in the Poetic Historicity of I, Too, Sing America

Authors: Jun Luo, Guicai Chen

In the historical observation of Harlem Renaissance that has already been epitomized in the historical elaboration in the poetic production of Langston Hughes, what his readers have been insatiable with is that although both international and Chinese scholars and critics have not only made various valuable explorations of his poetic texts but also made a mention of the lower social position and their unfair treatment of the dark brothers in the American society dominated by whites’ culture, they have hardly devoted their studies to this poetic text titled I, Too, Sing America to quest for the historical reality embedded euphemistically in the textual interweavement of this poetic text. Owing to their failure to do so in their studies, this paper will try to make an exploration of the euphemistic representation of the profound reality grounded on poetic historicity of this poetic text that dwells on historical reality of the miserable lots of those dark brothers.


Journal: Advances in Literary Study
DOI: 10.4236/als.2019.72007(PDF)
Paper Id: 91687 (metadata)

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