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How Does Objective Career Success Affect Subjective Career Success? The Moderating Role of Self-Awareness

Author(s): Qianni Gu, Yong Su ABSTRACT Studies on the relationship between objective career success and subjective career success are seldom in the career success research. In this study, we hypothesize a positive relationship between objective career success and subjective career … Continue reading

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The Relationship between Happiness and Self-Awareness among Introverts and Extroverts

Author(s): Mandana Bagherian, Adis Kraskian Mojembari, Parviz Naghibian, Sanam Farshad Nik ABSTRACT It is commonly believed that extroverts are happy and felicitous, and introversion is usually regarded as the state of having no fun or happiness in life. The present … Continue reading

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The Significance of the Earliest Beads

Author(s): Robert G. Bednarik ABSTRACT This paper attempts to explore beyond the predictable and banal archaeological explanations relating to early beads and pendants. It recounts replication experiments to establish aspects of technology so as to better understand what can be … Continue reading

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