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No Child Confederates Needed

*+-Author(s): Aiko Hanayama, Kazuo Mori  In many of the experimental research in social psychology, experimenters’ confederates were inevitable for creating the experimental setting required for the research goals. For example, one of the well-known classical research in social psychology is the … Continue reading

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Intellectual Profile of Sexually Abused Children in Japan: An analysis of WISC-III Subtests compared with Physically Abused, Neglected, and Non-Maltreated Children

*+-In previous studies, a subtest profile of the Wechsler series test was used to characterize maltreated children. Specifically, a higher score on the Picture Completion suggested hypervigilance symptoms related to post-traumatic stress disorder (Frankel et al., 2000). The aim of … Continue reading

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How to Support Positive Adaptation Among Children of Alcoholics?

*+-For years, children of alcoholics have been a focus of study for clinical psychologists.  This is due, on the one hand, to an unfortunately high incidence of alcoholism in modern society; and on the other hand, to the notably specific … Continue reading

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The Effect of Family Structure on the Development of Bilinguality

*+-There are millions of immigrant families living in western countries who struggle to maintain their heritage language and cultural identity for themselves as well as their children. When immigrants move to the western countries their native language is often forgotten … Continue reading

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The Impact of Preschool Social-Emotional Development on Academic Success of Elementary School Students

*+-School readiness is typically defined in terms of a child’s cognitive skills, but also includes the child’s capacity to regulate emotions and be able to show positive social interactions and cooperation in the classroom. Nevertheless, most preschool curricula focus primarily … Continue reading

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