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Sexism in News: A Comparative Study on the Portray of Female and Male Politicians in The New York Times

Author(s):Haoyun Dai, Xiaodong Xu ABSTRACT Adopting a comparative and descriptive case study of The New York Times , this paper aims to probe into the gender discrimination against female politicians in the news media. The New York Times , one … Continue reading

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The Pedagogical Maze: Retrospection on CLT in Hong Kong

Authors: Dan Lu & Julie Y. F. Ng Source: Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, Vol. 3 No. 4, 1-6. The Communicative Language Teaching approach (CLT thereafter) has been implemented in Hong Kong for the purpose of education reform since the … Continue reading

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Language Achievement Not Just a Unidimensional Linguistic Matter – More Aspects to be Considered

Student performance is a function of many factors within and external to the classroom. Broader contextual and attitudinal variables might influence student achievement. Increasing interest toward language learning has made the parameters determining language achievement more significant. If effective and … Continue reading

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Ever Wondered Why a Teacher Would Prefer “We” to “You” When Speaking to Students, or a Father Favor “Daddy” over “I” to His Child?

This preference of different deixis is much related to their pre-emptive or anti-pre-emptive usages in social communication. Deixis is directly concerned with the relationship between the structure of a language and the context in which the language is used. The … Continue reading

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