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Eurasian 250 Mio Years old Marine Reptiles – Shell Eaters or Algae Vegetarians

Author: Cajus G. Diedrich While many researchers still insist: “Triassic reptiles to be shell eaters”, even in youngest cladist oriented and not convincing articles published in Paleo 3 journals of 2014, whereas at the same time modern dugong researchers underline in … Continue reading

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Can the Early Bird Really Catch the Worm?

Sleep is an indispensable action and its importance has been related in many proverbs such as “the early bird catches the worm” However, there are few scientific reports on the effects of early rising. In Mayumi Watanabe’s research review from … Continue reading

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White Shark Evolution and Their Prey Adaptation in Earth History

In Diedrich’s research review from the Paleologic Research Institute (www.paleologic.eu), published in Natural Science vol. 5(11) in 2013 by Scientific Reasearch Publishing, that includes new discoveries of Eocene (55 My old) different large shark teeth in Germany, two large predator shark … Continue reading

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