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Linear Regression Relationship between Lychee Juice Content and Buffering Capacity

Author(s): Celia Cohen Barros, Célia Pereira Caldas ABSTRACT Purpose: It has been established that physical exercise generally improves the physical performance of older people. This finding has led to an increase in studies into the most efficient forms of exercise. … Continue reading

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Development of a Reproducible Rating System for Sun Protective Clothing That Incorporates Body Surface Coverage

Author(s):Simone L. Harrison, Nathan Downs ABSTRACT Sunlight is a known skin carcinogen. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in humans, and typically affects sun-exposed parts of the body. Sunny Australia and New Zealand have the highest incidence … Continue reading

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Time of Conception and Birth-Relation of “Big Killers” Patients and Longevity

Author(s):Eliyahu Stoupel, Abdonas Tamoshiunas, Richardas Radishauskas, Gailute Bernotiene, Abid Assali, Hanna Vaknin, Igal Teplitzki, Ran Kornowski, Evgeny Abramson, Eyal Fenig ABSTRACT In recent years some interrelationships between time of birth and longevity were published. Concomitant publications appeared demonstrating links between … Continue reading

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Sleep Posture Affects Sleep Parameters Differently in Young and Senior Japanese as Assessed by Actigraphy

Author(s) :Akiko Nojiri, Chikako Okumura, Yushi Ito ABSTRACT In an attempt to study the relationship between sleep postures and sleep parameters assessed by actigraphy, we applied the newly developed Activity Monitoring and Evaluation System (A-MES) and actigraphy at the same … Continue reading

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Amateur Sports of the Elderly: A Chance for Health and a Higher Quality of Life

Author(s): Paweł F. Nowak ABSTRACT A significant increase in sports-leisure activity events in recent years presents the opportunity to compete in all age categories. Among the many sport varieties, special attention ought to be paid to amateur sports—recreational sports, particularly in … Continue reading

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Antibiotics/antibacterial drug use, their marketing and promotion during the post-antibiotic golden age and their role in emergence of bacterial resistance

Author:Godfrey S. Bbosa Why are common bacterial infections that were sensitive to antibiotics/antibacterial agents during the antibiotic golden age have developed resistance in the post-antibiotic golden age and hence causing global public health challenge? Golden antibiotic age (1940s -1990s) is … Continue reading

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Family, the most influential factor on happiness in high school students

Author:Zhenzhu Wu High school students’ happiness status is person, family, and school, the result of joint action. In Zhenzhu Wu’s research review from school of psychology, south china normal university, Guangdong, published in health journal 2014 vol.6 by Scientific Research … Continue reading

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