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Dirac’s “Holes” Are the True Antielectrons and Real Particles of Antimatter

Author(s): Robert A. Sizov ABSTRACT Experimental and theoretical studies performed by the author showed that electric and magnetic spinor particles as spinors, ie particles of Matter so and Antispinors, particles of Antimatter, are structural components of atoms and substance. Together … Continue reading

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The Reversible Cyclic Universe in the Reversible Multiverse and the Reversible String Theory

Author(s): Ding-Yu Chung ABSTRACT The paper posits that the multiverse is reversible, so all universes in the multiverse are reversible cyclic universes which have the inexhaustible resources of space-time to expand. The collision of expanding universes is permanently irreversible, forbidden … Continue reading

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The Big Bang Started by the Creation of the Reverse Higgs Field

Author(s): Ding-Yu Chung ABSTRACT This paper posits that the Big Bang was started by the creation of the reverse Higgs field as the massless particle-generating field derived from the absorption of the interuniversal void outside of the universe in the … Continue reading

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