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Mobile Phone Usage and the Risk of Brain Tumors

Author(s): Naina Sawal, Amir Hossein Mortazavi Entesab ABSTRACT Purpose: This literature review investigated the possible association between the use of mobile phones and brain tumors. Methods: In brief, 11 publications were retrieved from JSTOR, PubMed, Google Scholar and Summon in … Continue reading

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Fermented Black Turmeric Designed by Lactobacillus Rearranged Leukocyte Subsets and Anti-Oxidative Activity

Author(s): Yousuke Watanabe, Nobuo Yamaguchi, Isao Horiuch, Tsugia Murayama ABSTRACT A plant fermentation was carried out by Yeast and Lactobaccilli against fermented black turmeric, Kaempferia parviflora (FBT). These materials were proved by as safe in animal safety experiment. We tried … Continue reading

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Parents Who Have Lost a Child to Cancer: What Do They Really Need?

Author(s):Cécile Flahault, Etienne Seigneur, Valérie Laurence, Hélène Pacquement, Sébastien Monte ABSTRACT In a sample of parents who lost a child to cancer, we investigated their needs before and after their child’s death and how these needs were fulfilled. We met … Continue reading

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Autologous Natural Killer Cell/Natural Killer T Cell Immunotherapy of Malignant Diseases

Author(s) :Aaron J. Smith, John Oertle, Dino Prato ABSTRACT Adoptive immunotherapy, the therapeutic infusion of ex vivo activated cancer-fighting white blood cells that was pioneered by Dr. Steven Rosenberg over 30 years ago, has become more widespread due to outstanding published … Continue reading

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Taking Fish Oil? Think Again

2013 was a very bad year for fish oil with 3 horrific failures. The world’s leading medical journals published their failures but too few patients were made aware.  First, fish oil’s monumental failure to help heart disease as published in … Continue reading

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