Preschool and Social Skills. Boy and girl are they different?

Author:Rosa Maria Silva Gomes

Why bullying is much associated with behavior problems in school boys.

In the case of negative social interactions, children tend to be rejected among peers. The boys are seen as more aggressive and girls as more tolerant, dialoguing and empathic. Also the quality of interpersonal relationships among peers seems to influence the social development of children since early ages. Children who are not accepted can show anger and aggression as a response to unfair treatment or they may choose social isolation.

 In Rosa Gomes & Anabela Pereira’s research review from Department of Education at University of Aveiro, Portugal, published in Psychology Journal 2014 vol. 5 by Scientific Research Publishing. The research team studied social skills of children in Preschool Education who are Portuguese-speaking and found that girls showed more social skills based on cooperation and social interaction than boys. However, the results indicate a strong link between attention problems, overactive behaviors and aggressive behaviors in boys. The girls proved to be more competent in the use of strategies in solving conflicts, using significantly less often retaliation or physical aggression. As a result, early problematic behavior can predict not only problems in school but also serious health and behavioral problems in adolescence.

Given the importance of behavior problems in early stage, teaching how to deal with anger, how to reduce stress, specially for children with predisposition to aggressive responses through relaxation techniques, self-monitoring and cognitive coping strategies, may help them curb their negative emotional responses.


Journal: Psychology
DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.52015 (PDF)
Paper Id: 43205 (metadata)

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