Emotional Intelligence, Core-Self Evaluation, and Life Satisfaction

Author(s):Esin Özer, Erdal Hamarta, M. Engin Deniz

In this study it is aimed to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence, core self evaluation and life satisfaction of college students and to determine whether emotional intelligence and core self evaluation predict life satisfaction or not. Study was carried out in accordance with relational survey model. The study group contains the students with age ranges vary from 17 to 21. The study group includes the university students of Duzce University’s (Turkey) different classes of Faculty of Education, Health Faculty, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Management whose ages range from 17 to 21, 101 of whom are males (31.7%), 218 of whom are females (68.3%), 319 in total, selected with cluster sampling method randomly, and participate in the study voluntarily. In the study, The Life Satisfaction Scale, Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire-SF and The Core-Self Evaluation Scale was used. In the consequence of the analysis, it was observed that, there were significant relations between emotional intelligence, core-self evaluation and life satisfaction. Emotional intelligence and core-self evaluation clarify 34% of variance in life satisfaction.


Journal: Psychology
DOI: 10.4236/psych.2016.72017 (PDF)
Paper Id: 63337 (metadata)

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