Hazing and Organizational Tradition in a Higher Education Institution in the Philippines: What Has the Law Got to Do with It?

Authors: Ofelia M. Bawan, Marilou P. Pascual, Arneil G. Gabriel

The evolution of law started from human practice and activities. Many State laws are once part of society’s living tradition ripened into a rule of conduct in the form of statute. The study argued that hazing is a tradition within student organizations. The implementation of the Anti-Hazing Law (RA8049) in the Philippines cannot fully stop this activity. Using the lens of 160 Sophomore student leaders, the study measured students’ awareness on the existence of Republic Act 8049 also known as the Anti-Hazing Law. The study found that Majority of the Sophomore Engineering students: a) Possessed above average level of awareness on the nature of hazing as defined under RA 8049; b) “awareness” on the procedural requirements of RA 8049; and c) above average “awareness” on the liabilities imposed by law. The study concluded that despite knowledge of the law on anti hazing, the problem remains. The respondents’ regard to initiation ritual as part of organizational tradition makes the practice of hazing difficult to combat. A Comprehensive Anti-Hazing campaign guided by the principle of restorative justice to promote organizational learning is recommended.


Journal: Open Journal of Social Sciences

DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.512009 (PDF)
Paper Id: 81140 (metadata)

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