Does the Metacognitive Attitude Predict Work Motivation in Italian Teachers?

Author(s):Paola Magnano, Giuseppe Santisi, Tiziana Ramaci

Motivation to teach is a complex construct; often it is not observed directly but rather inferred from the teachers’ behavioural indexes, such as verbalisations, task choices and goal-directed activities. It is related to what energises, directs and sustains teachers’ behaviour as they move toward accomplishing their goals of student achievement. Metacognitive attitude is considered an interrelated concept to motivation to teach and refers to teachers’ conscious awareness of their thought processes; it is considered as an essential component of the process of teaching for learning. It includes self-regulation (teacher self-regualted are able to transform their mental ability and teaching knowledge into teaching skills in the classroom with their students) and self-efficacy (it refers to teachers’ beliefs about their own values, competencies, and accomplishments). The present study investigates the relation between work motivation and metacognitive attitude in a sample of Italian teachers, working in Primary, Middle and High School. Data analysis showed strong correlation between the two dimensions investigated, giving important suggestions about teachers’ lifelong learning.


Journal: Open Journal of Social Sciences
DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.212014 (PDF)
Paper Id: 52656 (metadata)

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