The Research on the Predicament of Further Promoting the Reform of Real Estate Tax

Author: Luxi Lu

The price of real estate has been rising in recent years in our country, and the proportion of the consumption of urban households in housing investment gradually increases in the proportion of disposable income, which has affected the consumption of the urban residents. And at the same time, the real estate markets gradually become the markets of investment and hype. The high housing prices also contributed to the social gap between the rich and the poor. Therefore, the real estate tax reform is particularly important. However, since 2010, our country has put forward the reform of property tax, but the effect of the property tax reform practice is limited. So this article will discuss the existing problems in the process of further promoting the reform of real estate tax in China, such as the legislation of the reform of real estate tax, the coordination and consideration of the reform of real estate tax under the huge differences in housing prices, and the real estate information registration system in order to comb through to the existing problems, find the barriers and difficulties in further promoting the reform of the property tax, which has positive significance to further promoting the reform of the property tax.


Journal: Current Urban Studies
DOI: 10.4236/cus.2020.83023

Paper Id: 102659 (metadata)

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