Vocational Education and Training and the Development of Safe Workers

Author: Richard Skiba

Vocational Education and Training (VET) plays a significant role in the development of work ready individuals and a significant component of a work readiness is the ability to undertake work in a safe manner. This discussion paper aims to outline the various roles played by stakeholders in the VET sector in shaping the development of “safe workers” and increasing the effectiveness of training provided by the VET sector, particularly related to licenced outcome training. The discussion investigates methods to manage and integrate stakeholder expectations and requirements across the various contributors to the training and assessment processes. Current practices are noted and considered with an identification of potential gaps, particularly in stakeholder communication and knowledge, including the dissemination of relevant information. Issues related to the complexity created where the training and assessment practices are regulated by multiple regulators are highlighted as a primary focus of the study. The paper concludes by proposing establishment of an independent group of technical experts across the range of applicable regulations requirements to provide authoritative support to the VET sector.


Journal: Creative Education
DOI: 10.4236/ce.2020.119118(PDF)
Paper Id: 102792 (metadata)

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