Teacher Professional Development: Field of Knowledge Rise

Authors: Raissa Silveira De Farias, Adriana Maria Procopio De Araujo

The research aims to analyze the international scientific production in the field of “teacher professional development”. We used the Web of Science database, in which 811 articles—published from 1987 to 2017, and 62.64% of them published in the last five years—were mapped. On this basis, it is confirmed that the field of knowledge at issue is recent, and it has been explored in the last years. The publications reviewed involved 1918 authors, from 67 countries and 295 different journals. Among the most expressive countries, the United States and Australia stood out, with 49% of the publications on this theme. The journal with the greatest number of publications was Teaching and Teacher Education, containing 66 articles published in the period. Analyzing the authorship, the one-timer’s category stood out, with 88% of the publications. The largest production was of 11 papers by author and the most mentioned one had 157 citations. It was concluded that the thematic has been getting attention from the researchers of several fields of knowledge, including business, and that the authors inserted in the theme are seeking the consolidation of the theoretical basis regarding the subject by using empirical work.


Journal: Creative Education
DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.95048 (PDF)
Paper Id: 83904 (metadata)

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