Art and Education or Education through Art: Educating through Image

Author(s): Peri Mesquida, Kellin Cristina Melchior Inocêncio

This article is part of a partial research report on education through art in preschool and elementary school, mainly in the last year of preschool and in the first year of primary school when the teachers start the process of children’s literacy. After researching a bibliography about the subject, going from art teaching to its relevance in all levels of education, we focused our attention on imagery art not as scientific discipline teaching, but as a didactic/pedagogic way of educating and alphabetizing. In order to reach this result, researchers focused on the interpretative analysis of works about art/education mainly based on Read (1958), Barbosa (1994), to then explore the theoretical/practical thought of Freire (2000, 1992), which indicated the relevance of the imagery art use as a didactic/pedagogical way to the education/alphabetization of children.


Journal: Creative Education
DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.79127

Paper Id: 67502 (metadata)

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