Cyber-Innovation in the STEM Classroom, a Mixed Reality Approach

Authors: Tahar Messadi, Winifred E. Newman, Andrew Braham, Darin Nutter

In this article, we present a formative evaluation of an ongoing NSF-sponsored research project in classroom innovation using augmented reality (AR) to enhance STEM education. Exposing students to advances in digital modeling, data visualization and performative software prepares them for new pathways for decision-making in the AEC professions. Recent research shows that Technology Mediated Learning Environments (interacting with computer-based tools) can enhance learning. Augmented Reality (AR) or the ability to augment the real-world environment with computer-generated information is bringing a new dimension to learning and designing using multiple data streams.


Journal: Creative Education
DOI: ce.2018.915179

Paper Id: 88350 (metadata)

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