Creativity and Physics Learning as Product of the Intervention with Conceptual Maps and Gowin’s V Diagram

PDF (Size:1153KB) PP. 13-20   DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.412A1003


Javier A. Pulgar Neira, Iván R. Sánchez Soto


This paper shows the impact of a methodological renewal, based on conceptual maps and Gowin’s V diagram, in academic performance and creativity of freshman students from Civil Engineering in University of Bio Bio, Concepción, Chile, who participate in subject Physics with me in the modular system. The objective in incorporating both heuristic instruments is to facilitate the reflection of information and problem solving in physics. The study is quasi-experimental with pre-and post-test in the study variables. The results show that the proposed methodological renewal significantly influences academic performance, and in certain categories, is of creativity. The analysis also shows a relation between academic performance and creativity, which would predict the success or fail in physics.

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